Activities Coordinator

Qualified candidates must have a positive attitude, be creative, organized and have a desire to improve the quality of elderly Resident’s lives. The function of this position is to provide a program of activities in accordance with plan of care and the physical mental and psychosocial well-being of each resident.

Must be able to conceive and implement creative and enriching activities for elderly residents including but not limited to: social, gross motor, self-care and enhancement activities. Good communication skills are required as well as the ability to coordinate with other services and staff in the facility.

This position will offer a chance to be involved with residents on a daily basis in a fun and hands-on capacity.  This position requires active participation in the resident assessment process and work on the development of resident goals.


Job Requirements

Must have a clean driving record as operating company vehicles is required as part of this job.
Preferred experience planning events or group activities.


Education Requirements

Preferred High School Diploma / GED
Optional: PSS or CNA Certificate



Continuing Education Opportunities
Opportunity for Advancement